We Care About the Environment

We acknowledge that construction projects can have a negative impact on the environment either from general waste or from equipment usage that pollutes the atmosphere.

First and foremost, we have established a strict recycling policy not only in our offices, but more importantly on all construction sites. Bins for waste and others for recycling are clearly marked and positioned and all staff members are well informed and have implemented our recycling policy effectively.

We are also members of  Κ.Ο.Δ.Α. , a domestic organisation that deals with waste management aligned with current Waste Laws and our transport method of waste is transparent and certified, knowing where our waste is allocated to and disposed of.

In addition, within our construction sites we have allocated specific bins for aluminium cans as we are devoted supporters of Cans for Kids since 1996. Cans for Kids aligns perfectly with our ESG values as it takes these cans, recycles them and provides back to our youth community. The proceeds from this organisation go towards the purchasing of medical equipment for the children’s wards within Cypriot hospitals.

Furthermore, we have been assessed and awarded with an official certificate from the Cypriot Certification Company in regards to our Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015).

Last but not least, we have placed solar panels in our offices and also within construction sites. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and to gradually convert fully to ‘green’ methods of energy.