Great Place to Work

A notable achievement our company is proud to present is the international acknowledgment and certificate given to us in the year 2020 & 2021 as a great place to work. In an industry linked to health risks and hard labour we are pleased to announce that our employment satisfactory is always improving and our health and safety measures have assisted us in achieving this award.

Furthermore on health and safety, we value our employees wellbeing equally and take the extensive measures by providing prior training and recaps on constructions sites in order to ensure each and every members safety. Additionally, our health and safety manager visits all construction sites on a weekly basis to assure all measures are in place.  We have also been granted with another certificate from the Cypriot Certification Company in regards to our Health and Safety system (ISO 45001:2018) and also proudly claim two qualified and certified NEBOSH members (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) within our company.


We Respect Values & Beliefs

Moreover, in a male dominant industry we are the renowned pioneers of introducing females to our workforce in the domestic market. Our CEO and President of the board, Mrs. Aphrodite Psara was the first woman in the Cypriot construction industry to become a Technical Director, dating back to 1998. Ever since, we have persevered and encouraged women to join our workforce and have women in a variety of positions ranging from management to on-site engineers.

Provision of training and qualifications is provided and sponsored to our employees relative to their roles in the company and we motivate employees in expanding their knowledge in their field of work.

We are also a multi-ethnic company that respects others values and beliefs, having no tolerance for discrimination. We believe in second chances therefore we provide opportunities to people leaving rehabilitation centres and prison schemes without prejudice.

Conclusively, we have been awarded with two Cyprus Responsibility awards in our Human Resources department. We achieved a gold status award for best workplace diversity strategy and a bronze status award for best employee engagement strategy.

Finally, we are strong supporters of humanity and of philanthropic causes and so we actively participate in fundraisers for schools and for children in need of support with medical issues. In 2020 we provided to our neighbouring country of Lebanon 7 electrical generators as they experienced a devastating explosion in Beirut.