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We believe that being inclusive and developing a multitude of talents and skills will help us to continue our family’s values.

After all, our CEO and president of the Board Aphrodite Psara was the first woman in Cyprus to become the Technical Director of a construction company in 1998. We want to be the employer of choice for the brightest and the best. For us, behaving fairly and treating everyone equally is a crucial part of what we do and how we move forward as a company. We stand by the fact that there are no gender specific roles or specific ethnicities in construction.

To help build equality we’ve increased the visibility of our female leaders and showcase the successful women already working on our sites as well as people from ethnically diverse backgrounds that fully represent our company. We truly believe in equal opportunity, for this reason we are continually working with prison schemes and rehabilitation centers to give people a second chance to get back into society without prejudice. We are working hard to make improvements and every new colleague takes us one step closer to a fully representative company.

Equal Opportunity Employer