Health & Safety


Our five health, safety & environment basics

Prior to every project we undertake we have a policy to follow a number of steps in order to acknowledge every risk or danger that might occur, examine the level of its seriousness, provide the necessary precaution measures and finally confirm that all parts of the project are safe for people to work on. During the project’s progress period, our health and safety manager visits the project sites weekly in order to make sure that everything is in line with our health and safety policies. All of our employees are provided with all the trainings regarding health and safety in the workplace including first aid and relevant equipment handling workshops. For every project, a leadership team is formed in order to maintain our policies and culture towards health and safety at all times.


Acknowledging the Risks or Dangers


Seriousness Examination


Precaution Measures


Confirmation of Precaution Measures Taken


Weekly Checks & Reporting

Health & Safety Matters

We care about our employee’s health & safety. We strictly follow the above steps!


Employees health, safety & work environment is our TOP priority

Putting physical injuries aside, our HR department makes sure everyone’s psychological well-being is high and that everyone is contented with every aspect of their task. It is our vision, to be able to reach to each and everyone involved in our projects and provide all the necessary measures in order to achieve a healthy and safe work environment.