Women in the Construction industry

March is the month the world celebrates women in construction, as do we here at N. Psaras Construction. This tradition has been established since 1998 where the first “Women in Construction week” occurred and ever since it has been expanding rapidly. Similarly, we have always been true to the values of equality therefore encouraging women to join our workforce and redefine the construction industry with us.

It started off with our current Chief Executive Officer and President Aphrodite Psara, who has been leading the company since the year 2000.  Aphrodite solely redefined the industry, by becoming the first female CEO of a leading construction company on the island. However, Aphrodite’s journey began when she joined the workforce in 1983 as an engineer after obtaining her bachelor in Civil Engineering from City University London and gradually proved herself worthy within the industry; at time where women were in the shadows of construction work.

With Aphrodite setting the tone that equality is a given and not something to be negotiated, here at N.Psaras we have been actively trying to embrace that construction is not just a male dominant industry, but an industry for all. This shows from the next generation who wants to make sure that the value of equality is maintained; Evangelia Psara – Operations and Quality Manager has been by Aphrodite’s side to assist with her duties and currently ensures a smooth operation of the company for the forthcoming years. Passionate to continue the family business, she is ever evolving and transforming herself to adapt to new waves of work challenges.

Within the office other strong minded individuals thrive, such as Elena Kouyiali a Civil Engineer whom is part of the tendering and procurement team and is a well-rounded team player in one of the company’s most demanding departments. Moreover, our accounting department also consists two women, Kalia Aloupou assisted by Andria Kyriakou. The efficiency and dynamics of their teamwork has excelled and they both play an important role in the sustained operations of the company in unison with Aphrodite and Evangelia.

Out of office and within our construction sites we have other female on-site engineers that play a vital role for the delivery of our projects. Marwa Manwar is currently located at the Olympus factory, the biggest dairy factory in Cyprus. Furthermore, Loukia Shiamari is currently located by the seafront in Larnaca and Paraskevi Christodoulou can be found in the heart of Limassol, at MSBC Headquarters upcoming new offices.

Apart from supporting women in the industry since 1957, we have been embracing and promoting equality amongst women and men; breaking the boundaries and going against the dated mentality and social norms of the past. At N.Psaras Construction we do not discriminate when it comes to gender or gender identification, sexuality, ethnic background and religious beliefs. On the contrary, we do not tolerate such behavior and remain vigilant when it come to this matter, ensuring a pleasant and non-discriminatory environment is maintained throughout the company. With that being said the efforts for equality should not be limited or constrained here, women should be visible within all industries including construction.